Hi, I'm Brian.

I took photography as a Senior in high school, and fell in love. I worked to save and bought a fully manual Ricoh KR5-Super II SLR film camera, and loved every second from the composition to the rotten-egg smelly darkroom. I loved processing the film, exposing the paper, watching it come to life in the developer, and trying to time that perfect move to the stop bath to freeze my perfect image.

Then, life after high school came and so did computers and technology, which I also loved. And in the end, computers won out to support my family. I stayed with the hobby a bit, but with little access to a darkroom, the interest wained. I was mildly interested again as digital took off being in technology, but lacked the time.

As my kids got older and started excelling in sports, I became very frustrated. I could see their hard work, their passion, their drive on the field - but I couldn't share that. The camera on my new phone was awesome from 5 feet away, but try to take a picture of a soccer kick or a baseball swing from 40 yards and zoom in and everything good was lost.

But I knew how to do better, and that sparked a return to my old passion. And now, I'm working to help other parents be able to share that same view of their athlete, their Senior, their Family to everyone!

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